Dundas City Council Meeting - May 9, 2022




Monday, MAY 9, 2022

7:00 p.m.  Dundas City Hall

Present: Mayor Glenn Switzer; Councilors Luke LaCroix, Grant Modory, Luke Swartwood

Absent: Councilor Larry Fowler

Staff:    City Engineer Dustin Tipp, Administrator/Clerk Jenelle Teppen, Deputy Clerk Linda Ripka


Mayor Switzer called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. A quorum was present.

PUBLIC FORUM – No one presented to Council


Motion by Modory, second by LaCroix, to approve the agenda with the addition of Work Session.  Motion Carried Unanimously (MCU)


Motion by LaCroix, second Swartwood, to approve the consent agenda as follows:

Regular Minutes of April 25, 2022;

Disbursement Report - $129,151.06.  MCU

OLD BUSINESS - No old business brought before Council.

ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS - No Ordinance or Resolution brought before Council.


Consider Approving Personnel Policy

Administrator Teppen stated the current Personnel Policy was adopted in 2006 and revisions have been made but overall has not been kept current with changes in Statue Statute. She indicated the draft copy is modeled on the League of MN Cities policy template with specific language to Dundas. She stated the City Attorney has reviewed and provided comments which have been incorporated. Teppen stated the proposed policy has been reviewed by the Council’s Human Resource Committee.

Mayor Switzer expressed concern about further language on employees using and returning City property along with consequences for using personal cell phones while at work.

Motion by LaCroix, second by Swartwood, to accept and approve the revised Personnel Policy. MCU

Consider Proposal for a Market Analysis and Pay Grid Calibration

Administrator Teppen stated the City hired David Drown & Associates (DDA) in 2018 to perform a Classification and Compensation Study, which was adopted by the Council. She explained the reasons for revisiting: best practice to do every 3 to 4 years; inflation rate the past 18 months highest ever; and recent recruitment of a public work assistant demonstrated Dundas’ range for that position is below other comparable cities. Teppen stated the City needs a competitive compensation plan to attract and retain quality employees.  She stated the proposal is broken down by services and has been reviewed by the Council’s Human Resource Committee with recommendation to select Market Analysis and Pay Grid Calibration costing $4,500.

Motion by Swartwood, second by LaCroix, to accept the proposal from DDA Human Resources, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN, to perform a Market Analysis and Pay Grid Calibration at a cost of $4,500. MCU


City Engineer – Dustin Tipp

Tipp updated items on his report noting receipt of SHIP grant amount of $4,680 for the 1st Street bike lane marking; discussion with MnDOT on CSAH1/TH3 pedestrian crossing on cost sharing; ECRT preliminary parking lot; Memorial Park work has started and will be completed by May 31; Northfield received PCA permit amendment and a review with Dundas showed discontinuance of surcharge; listed streets receiving seal coat this year; staff looking into gates on 115th Street into and out of Bridgewater Heights; West Avenue Apartment complex has begun construction with staff monitoring erosion control and grading; and data collection and inspection for City roadways scheduled for June and July as part of the Pavement Management Plan.

City Administrator – Jenelle Teppen

Teppen reported she and the Mayor attended an all day NAFRS retreat and both found it very productive.

Mayor, Councilors and Committees

Councilor Swartwood reported the recent volunteer cleanup for the Groveland Cemetery went well.  Councilor Modory stated there will be no Planning Commission meeting due to lack of agenda item. Administrator Teppen stated may have a special Planning Commission meeting if developer provides preliminary/final plat paperwork as will need to publish the public hearing notice. 


Budget 2023 Time Table

Jessi Sturtz of ABDO Financial Solutions presented the 2023/2024 Budget Preview discussing the process and budget timeline. She identified known factors effecting the 2023 budget stating expecting increases for insurance, fuel and utilities, and noted the Cost of Living is approximately 3.0%.

Administrator Teppen asked Council to contact her on any priorities or concern for the 2023 budget.


Motion by Swartwood, second by LaCroix, to adjourn the meeting at 7:34 p.m.  MCU

Submitted by:

Jenelle Teppen, Administrator/Clerk


Glenn Switzer, Mayor


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