Underdahl does not foresee any more clinic closures


Last month, Northfield Hospital + Clinics announced the Lonsdale Clinic practice will be closed and consolidated with the Northfield and Lakeville clinics.

Northfield Hospital + Clinics President and CEO Steve Underdahl said the people who work in the clinic and practice there will be transferred to other clinics and will remain within the NH+C system, and they will not be far from Lonsdale.

“If there’s a silver lining here it’s that patients will have the opportunity to transfer their care, so they’ll be able to keep the continuity of having the physician or other provider that they want to work with and stay within our system, just in a different building.”

Primary care provider Dr. Gregory Randall will see patients in the Lakeville Clinic. OB/GYN specialist Dr. Deb Suppes will see patients in the Women’s Health Center on the Northfield Hospital campus. Dr. Suppes will continue to perform surgeries at Northfield Hospital and deliver babies at the Birth Center. Certified Nurse Practitioner and Advance Practice Registered Nurse Jane Carlson will see patients in the Lakeville Clinic.

NH+C has announced several changes recently, including the closing of its long-term care center and the end of its hospice service. A statement issued by the organization said the Administration and the Board consider several criteria as they analyze service lines, including finances, mission, and commitment to serving local communities. The consolidation is part of that overall review of services to ensure the organization can serve the community for generations to come.

Underdahl said the closing of the Lonsdale Clinic means the rest of the NH+C system should be able to maintain their work, and he does not foresee more announcements like this.

“We don’t anticipate closing anymore clinics. We’ may have some other services that we need to continue to evaluate, but major programs and things like that, I think we are getting close to being where we need to be when we get done with this effort.”

Patients are being notified directly. Those with questions should contact NH+C Director of Clinics, Nicole Strusz-Mueller at 507-646-1003. The statement said the organization plans to sell the clinic building.

November 17 will be the last clinic day.