Rice County Dairy Princess Wins Princess Kay of the Milky Way Title


Emma Kuball of Waterville, Minnesota was crowned the 70th Princess Kay of the Milky Way on August 23rd. Emma is the 19 year-old daughter of Nate and Shannon Kuball, dairy farmers in Rice County, Minnesota. Emma is the sixth generation to live and work on the family dairy farm 120 years ago.

Emma related that she didn’t remember hearing her name called during the coronation ceremony and didn’t realize that she had won until she felt Rachel (last year’s Princess Kay) place the crown on her head. Her next two days were full of media interviews and the customary posing for the Princess Kay butter sculpture at the state fair dairy building. She will be representing the state dairy industry for the next year including the 1,850 dairy farmers, like her family, who produce milk and dairy products used nationwide. There will be up to ninety appearances through out the state like school visits, industry events and breakfasts on the farm. Emma also intends to be back home on the weekends, when possible, to help with the work on the farm and stay connected with her family.

The Kuball family has enjoyed a couple other princesses in the family as her sister Kelsey was a finalist in 2021 and her aunt was a finalist in 2002.

Emma is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls where she will graduate in 2026 to pursue a career in agriculture education. Her plans are to be a high school ag teacher.

As for the 90-pound block of butter carved in her likeness, Emma plans to hold a sweet corn feed next year and share the butter with all the guests present. Her brother Keegan raises sweet corn and is planning a special crop for the event.