Minnesota Celebrates National Farmers' Market Week

Minneapolis Farmers' Market hosts this year's event


Celebrations marking National Farmers’ Market Week (Aug. 7-13, 2022) in Minnesota will culminate with a public event on Saturday, August 13 at Minneapolis Farmers’ Market. There will be shopping and activities for guests throughout the morning, with presentations from dignitaries including Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen, beginning at 10 a.m.

“Farmers’ markets create a relationship between the people who grow local, nutritious food and customers who want a connection with where their food comes from,” Petersen said. “We believe farmers’ markets are for everybody and I’m thrilled to celebrate the role farmers’ markets play in Minnesota communities.”

During the event, there will be a Chopped-style cooking competition with local chefs using fresh market ingredients to create the best dish, as well as fun for the whole family. This event is being presented in partnership by the Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association (MFMA), Minnesota Grown, Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU), and Minneapolis Farmers’ Market.

"National Farmers' Market Week is a great time to celebrate and say thank you to all of the amazing people who make farmers' markets work, from the farmers, food entrepreneurs, crafters, and market organizers to all of the loyal customers who come out and support them,” said Kathy Zeman, MFMA executive director. “Farmers' markets are all about community. They are about building relationships between farmers and customers, building a robust local foodshed, meeting friends and new acquaintances, and giving everyone access to healthy, locally grown food."

According to statistics by the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA), farmers’ markets and farm stands account for roughly $2 billion of the $3 billion that Americans spend annually on farm-direct products. This revenue supports the livelihoods of more than 165,000 mostly small and mid-sized farmers. Agriculture is the foundation of Minnesota's economy, and Minnesota currently has roughly 350 farmers’ markets located in all corners of the state.

“Farmers’ markets are important because they provide a place for farmers to sell products directly to consumers and those earnings are more likely to be reinvested locally and stay in the community longer,” said MFU President Gary Wertish. “Farmers who direct market are more likely to have a stable income, which allows them to stay in business. And, when food comes direct from the farm it is fresher and more nutritious.”

National Farmers’ Market Week is a yearly celebration sponsored by the USDA which highlights the value markets bring to communities and the important role they play in the U.S. food system. Each year, farmers’ markets across Minnesota participate in the event by creating their own independent celebrations.

“We as farmers are proud to serve our community here in the Twin Cities by providing access to food that nourishes the body, the mind, and the soul,” said Bonnie Dehn, Minneapolis Farmers Market Board President. “We’re happy to provide the community a place to ask questions about farming, learn who the farmers are, and experience the diversity of our farmers’ market.”

List of Activities:

  • Guest speakers
    • Minneapolis Farmers’ Market’s Bonnie Dehn
    • MFMA’s Kathy Zeman
    • MFU Member Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm
    • MDA’s Thom Petersen
  • Activities
    • Chopped-style cooking competition
    • Live music & DJ
    • Eating contest
    • Limited edition merchandise
    • Chef sampling stations
    • Dunk tank fundraiser
    • Shop with over 150 farmers/vendors

About Minneapolis Farmers’ Market:

The Minneapolis and Nicollet Mall Farmers Market was established in 1876 in Downtown Minneapolis. Our mission is simple, to connect local farmers and gardeners with Twin Cities residents to build a sense of community over a shared love of food. As the largest farmer-managed markets in the state, we serve as a community resource, meeting place, a tourist draw, and, most importantly, a place to access Minnesota’s greatest selection of fresh produce, plants, and locally made products.

About the Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association:

The Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association (MFMA) provides services, programs, and leadership that support and promote farmers’ markets across Minnesota. The organization works to foster a community of vibrant, profitable, and professionally managed Minnesota farmers’ markets that cultivate, nourish, and inspire a vibrant local foods landscape. The MFMA vision is to create greater accessibility to local, farm-fresh foods and to allow opportunities for local food producers to thrive and grow. Find their statewide map of markets at www.mfma.org.

About Minnesota Grown:

Minnesota Grown is a program of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to promote products grown and raised in Minnesota. The program has connected consumers with local farmers, farmers’ markets, and other producers of agricultural products near them for over 35 years. The Minnesota Grown Directory atminnesotagrown.com is a searchable map of over 1,000 local farms, markets, and producers all across the state. The program also licenses the use of the Minnesota Grown label to Minnesota producers and retailers. Anywhere you see the Minnesota Grown logo, you can have confidence that product was grown or raised within the state. Find local near you in our directory of over 1,000 farms and markets atminnesotagrown.com.

About Minnesota Farmers Union:

Minnesota Farmers Union works to protect and enhance the economic interests and quality of life of family farmers and ranchers and rural communities. MFU is a nonprofit membership-based organization. Membership is open to everyone. Learn more and join at www.mfu.org, and follow MFU on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.