Dundas tax levy up more than 12%


The Dundas City Council approved a new municipal budget that includes a 12.06% property tax levy increase.

While the tax increase is not especially popular, Dundas City Administrator Janell Teppen said the move was a necessary one for public safety needs, as Dundas is now seeking yet another full-time Police Officer

“That 12% gets us about $166,000 in additional funding next year, and that will go towards another full-time police officer position, which is a 100% hit to the general fund The other employees in the in the city are spread across the general fund and enterprise fund budget, so it’s not such a hit to the general fund. With police officers, [however,] it’s a direct hit.”

Teppen said Dundas is losing yet another patrol office to the City of Northfield, which makes for two open full-time police positions. There are two part-time officers who are applying for the full-time positions, which, should they be accepted, will create another hole in the workforce.

There are, however, she said other reasons for an increase to the budget.

The city Enterprise funds, which are designed to help keep the area clean, are increasing in 2023. In late 2021 a utility rate study was performed by Abdo Financial Solutions that made projections into the future that the city has agreed with. Those projections are available in the rate study and have been incorporated into the new budget.

In the coming years there are several capital expenses planned so it is imperative to have adequate funds available. Six members of the City staff have salaries and wages allocated to at least one of the enterprise funds so all employees are projected to receive an increase and eligible employees will receive a step increase.

Debt service expenses have been budgeted for according to each individual bond service schedule. Included in this are principal payments, interest payments and fiscal agent fees. These items have been budgeted and presented according to amortization schedules and bond documents.

Teppen also said that Dundas has agreed to a new labor agreement with the unionized members of local law enforcement.