Dennison Farmers Market


Wednesday, May 29th is the kickoff date for Dennison Farmers Market! From 5 to 7 pm, you will find not only the vendors you have become accustomed to, but a few new members will be there, vending their wares tcherhis year! Located south of Fireside on Main Street, you will find delectable delights to tickle your taste buds, as well as handmade crafts for your home, or to give as unique gifts. As the summer progresses, there will be lots of produce to choose from, too.

Some of our current vendors are Jacque Meyer from Jac's Home Baked Goods with her delicious home made breads and treats, Deb Fischbach will be selling her delectable hot fudge sauce, bourbon caramel sauce, rolls, cookies, sweet breads and pies. She will also have bags, pillow cases, pot holders and dish towels. Cheri Roshon is back with her freeze dried candy, and handmade kitchen essentials. Pamela Davis will have cakes, cookies and treats. Donna Vestedahl will be furnishing fresh eggs now, and produce as the summer goes on. Patty Casper will have vegetable starts, flowers and crafts. There will be two new vendors this year, so come on down and see who they are, and what they will have for you!

The Farmer's Market was started many years ago, and the founders had their last season in 2022. Heidi Cooke was kind enough to start anew last year, and has been posting pictures and information on the Dennison Farmer's Market webpage, letting you know weekly what is for sale. The market is hoping to expand some more this year with a bigger variety, so if you or someone you know has something that fits in with our market, please contact Heidi at to let her know, or to ask questions. The market remains free to vend, so let your friends and family know when we will be there.

Spread the word! Buying local is the best way to help boost our economy. When you buy at a farmer's market, not only are you supporting your friends and neighbors, but you know where your food comes from, and that brings peace of mind as well!