City of Northfield plans to sell 5th Street property to Loon Liquors


Two years after purchasing the former Northfield News building at 115 5th Street West for $1.2 million, the City of Northfield has announced its intention to sell the property to Loon Liquors as the company looks to expand its distillation operations and cocktail room.

In March of 2022, the city purchased 115 5th Street West and 411 Water Street as part of a long-term redevelopment strategy to keep downtown Northfield healthy and to make the land adjacent to the river more active. At the time, the plan was to build a structure at 5th and Washington Streets that would house a new Municipal Liquor Store, with the Northfield News building serving as a temporary relocation site. After those plans fell through, the property became available for resale.

A statement issued by the City of Northfield said Loon Liquors plans to remodel the building to accommodate a needed expansion. They hope to add a kitchen to provide farmer-focused food offerings and continue their craft beverage operation.

The craft distillery is owned and operated by its two co-founders Simeon Rossi and Mark Schiller, both graduates of Northfield High School, who have what the statement called a “Northfield-centric mission.” They currently distribute to more than 300 liquor stores, bars, and restaurants in Minnesota. This expansion will create the opportunity to expand regionally; possibly into international markets.

According to the statement, the city will continue to refine redevelopment plans for downtown including the Ameriprise building, Northfield Liquor Store and the public parking lot site located at 5th and Washington Streets.

The City held a public hearing on April 23rd in the City Hall Council Chambers. After the public hearing, the City Council deliberated and considered action on the sale.