A Minnesotan

Egg Hunt


No matter when Easter Sunday falls in the year there is one constand that we here in Minnesota can nearly always rely on, and that is that there will probably be either snow or mud.

As a child I can recall many Easters and hunting for Easter eggs both inside and outside. Generally as a rule if there’s snow on the ground all egg hunting is done indoors, however, I don’t recall mud ever stopping an outdoor egg hunt.

What I really can remember is doing the Easter Egg Hunt at church but I also can only remember doing it one year. I do it more than one time, probably but I don’t recall ever hunting eggs more than once at church as a kid. Mainly due to the fact that I am not counting the many times I have helped with the egg hunt as a teenager and as an adult.

The egg hunt that I remember happened when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It must have been a late Easter that year or just unusually nice that year; because I remember it being fairly dry outside and little to no snow. Either that or I was young enough to not remember the snow and mud.

I can recall running around with other children looking for eggs, getting candy out of them at the end, and not being allowed to find the golden prize egg since I was the pastor’s kid. I did find it first however I could not pick it up and tried to point it out to literally anyone else.

The thing that I really remember about the egg hunt actually happened before the hunt even began. What really sticks in my memory is how my older sister hid the eggs for the toddlers and per-schoolers.

She would have been about 11 or 12 years old at the time and had been sent to hide the super easy to find eggs.

I can recall watching my sister climb part way up the hill in the field by the church where she had been sent to hide the eggs and dump the whole basket full down the hill. Causing the plastic eggs to roll down the hill into the field.

Once the eggs stopped rolling she pronounced her task done and went back into the building. To this day I feel that this was the best way that I have ever seen Easter Eggs be hidden.