Ten Minutes a Day


That’s what the owners of Gunderson Dog Training & Kennels say it takes to train your beloved pooch. Just ten organized and dedicated minutes a day. Michael Gunderson & Jane Fenton are the two folks behind this company. Their goal is to teach good dog owners to be great dog owners! Considering the old adage that says, “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners”, this sounds like a tough gig.

Michael said that back in the dark ages, you know…prior to the wonders of Google, he read actual books and learned to train his first Labrador Retriever (Clarence). One of Michael’s specialties that evolved over many years, is training hunting dogs. These days, he says they work with all breeds but 95% of their training is obedience related.

Tons of well-intentioned folks got puppies/dogs during the pandemic. They didn’t have an opportunity to socialize them or train them properly as they were used primarily as comfort dogs. Michael says there’s a limited window to socialize a puppy and after that window closes, they can become hand-leery, shy, or neurotic (just like the rest of us during Covid). Animals pick up on our tension and stress and can take on those feelings. Gosh, no wonder dogs don’t watch the news.

Michael’s wife, Jane, shares his passion for dogs. Their innate gift is assisting folks in understanding their newest family member and helping them build a relationship with that animal. Michael & Jane train the puppy/dog first and the owner second. When I asked them what the most common obedience problem was, they both replied, dogs who counter surf (when your pet jumps up on the countertop and steals food). Who knew?

Dogs love having a job and understanding where they fall in the hierarchy of the pack. In other words, we need to show ‘em who’s boss. But sometimes the way we teach them can be confusing and inconsistent. Michael said the tendency is to over correct. “Just like teenagers, dogs think even negative attention beats no attention. We often teach a dog to ignore us by repeating commands and thus rewarding bad behavior with treats and petting. So, say it once and only reward the behavior when done properly.” Our family is currently trying to follow Michael’s advice by training our rescue pooch not to eat people when they come to our front door.

Gunderson Dog Training & Kennels also prides themselves on a very strict and successful breeding program. Michael & Jane own six dogs and by careful DNA testing and meticulous medical care, they can even predict what color puppies a dog will “throw” (give birth to). Their furry litters are usually spoken for before they’re even born. Their incredible attention to detail in breeding has resulted in many healthy pets and happy customers.

Gunderson Dog Training & Kennels also offers boarding services on site. The heated and air-conditioned building that houses the kennels even has a flat screen tv so your pet can keep up on their favorite shows!

Their training programs include the following:

Canine Good Citizen

This course teaches owners and their dogs the necessary skills to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test.  Dogs who pass this exam are able to visit senior centers, schools, nursing homes, etc.

Puppy Bird & Gun

Introduces your pup to wings, birds and gun fire (via training pistol). By slowly introducing the puppy to loud sounds and pairing them with positive reinforcement, the pup learns to associate the sound of gunfire with FUN! The sound of an actual shotgun takes place later in the field.

Puppy/Dog Obedience

Leash obedience includes training in commands such as sit, come (recall), stay, heeling, distraction heeling, off (discourage jumping), kennel (entering kennel, vehicle), wait, OK (release command), recall and leave it. This program includes a visit to a puppy socialization class. The main owner of the pup is taught the techniques/vocabulary needed to transfer training to their dog.

Gunderson Dog Training & Kennels

17192 Shieldsville Blvd.

Faribault, MN 55021

(507) 649-7473


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