Dundas City Council Meeting - October 10, 2022




Monday, October 10, 2022

7:00 p.m.  Dundas City Hall

Present:  Mayor Glenn Switzer; Councilors Larry Fowler, Luke LaCroix, Grant Modory, Luke Swartwood

Staff:      City Engineer Dustin Tipp; Administrator/Clerk Jenelle Teppen. Deputy Clerk Linda Ripka


Mayor Switzer called the Council meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  A quorum was present

PUBIC FORUM - No one spoke.


Motion by Modory, second by LaCroix, to approve the agenda. Motion Carried Unanimously (MCU)


Motion by Swartwood, second by LaCroix, to approve consent agenda.

Regular Minutes of September 26, 2022;

Disbursement Report - $142,393.51.  MCU

OLD BUSINESS - No old business brought before Council.

ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS – No ordinances or resolutions brought before Council.


Consider Health/Dental/Vision Insurance Rates and City Contributions for 2023

Administrator Teppen presented the new rates and plans for 2023 Health/Dental/Vision. She indicated she had sought other plans but none came in at a lower cost. She reviewed what the City typically has covered with recommendations to increase: (1) City’s contribution to $813.08 to cover the HSA single premium plan; (2) increase the annual contribution to the individual HSA to $1600; (3) cover 100% premium for single preventative dental plan; (4) and offer PEIP Vision Plan at the employee’s expense. She indicated the overall cost of the recommended contribution by the City is $4,300 which is spread across both the general and enterprise funds noting adequate flexibility in the funds for these additional costs.

Motion by Modory, second by Swartwood, to approve City’s contribution to qualified employees:

(1) 2023 PEIP Health Insurance to $813.08/month including those who opt out; (2) increase $200 toward annual contribution into employee HSA account on January 1, 2023; (3) single coverage Delta Dental Prevention Plan; (4) $10,000 life insurance/AD&D; (5) and add PEIP Vision Plan at employee’s expense. MCU

Consider 2022 Compensation Adjustment for City Administrator

Administrator Teppen stated the Council conducted her annual performance review on September 26 with

all expectations met and asked for discussion on compensation adjustment for 2022. She noted for the City Council where they had placed her at the time of the last review at Grade 13 Step 10. After reviewing the 2022 Adjusted Compensation Plan the Council discussed moving her to Grade 13 Step 9 of the Adjusted 2022 plan effective October 1, 2022.   

Motion by Modory, second by Swartwood, to approve the City Administrator Jenelle Teppen to be at Level 13, Step 9 at $51.03/hour, effective October 1, 2022.  MCU


City Engineer – Dustin Tipp

Tipp reviewed summarized his report: (1) staff has submitted the letter of intent to apply for the Active Transportation (AT) grant funding thru MnDOT to help fund the CSAH 1/TH3 Pedestrian Crossing; (2) parking lot at ECRT concept plan was reviewed by Park Board and to be presented later to Council: (3) Trailhead improvement project has begun; (4) additional striping throughout the City will begin; and (5) parking lot work for Dundas Dome started October 5.

City Administrator – Jenelle Teppen

Teppen announced that she received an email from the City’s Building Official, Benny Svien, stating he will be resigning effective, November 8, 2022. She indicated he could provide names for a replacement.   

Teppen reported receiving a letter from Tim Giles stating the Stoneridge Hills Phase 2 project is on hold until next spring 2023 due to cost of materials and available supplies.  She indicated the City did not receive a final plat and nothing has been filed with Rice County Recorder’s office. Teppen indicated the City Planner will develop a letter stating where the project is in relationship to the City’s development requirements and time line.


Review and Discuss Snow Plow Usage

Engineer Tipp reviewed recent discussion with Public Works Committee of selling the old 2004 snow plow truck or utilizing it for snow removal duties along with the recently purchased new snow plow truck. He stated by selling the old plow truck, which was purchased in 2013, it would allow staff to perform other snow removal duties and avoid future maintenance costs due to the age and condition of the 2004 truck. He also presented additional reasons on the recommendation from the City staff and Public Works Committee to sell the old plow truck:

• For a 4-inch snow fall, a typical 10-hour shift for one plow truck can clean and clear     snow on all City streets

• The new plow truck is more efficient and provides a higher quality of snow removal.

• Given the age and condition of the old plow truck, future maintenance and repair costs could be significant. (ex. corrosion and rust on body and frame; truck needs new air brakes, tires, plow and plow blades)

• Staff time to operate the 2nd plow truck can be used for other snow removal duties such as sidewalks, well house, parking lots, etc.

• Prices for used vehicles and equipment remains high due to supply shortages

• Money from the sale of the old plow truck can be used to buy or lease other equipment such as a payloader

Tipp indicated staff will evaluate the efficiency of the new plow truck this winter to determine if additional snow removal equipment would improve the process and explore costs and uses of other equipment.

Discussion followed with Councilor Swartwood not in favor of selling the 2004 snow plow but look into repair costs, Councilor Modory requested Public Works Director be at next meeting, and Teppen reviewed staff operations and equipment used during snow removal.


Motion by Modory, second by Swartwood, to adjourn the meeting at 8:01 p.m.  MCU

Submitted by: Jenelle Teppen, Administrator/Clerk

Attest: Glenn Switzer, Mayor


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