Dundas City Council Meeting - May 23, 2022




Monday, MAY 23, 2022

7:00 p.m.  Dundas City Hall

Present: Councilors Larry Fowler, Luke LaCroix, Luke Swartwood

Absent:  Mayor Glenn Switzer; Councilor Grant Modory

Staff:     City Engineer Dustin Tipp; Administrator/Clerk Jenelle Teppen,


Councilor LaCroix called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. A quorum was present.

PUBLIC FORUM – No one presented to Council.


Motion by Fowler, second by Swartwood, to approve the agenda. Motion Carried Unanimously (MCU)


Motion by Fowler, second Swartwood, to approve the consent agenda as follows:

Regular Minutes of April 25, 2022;

Liquor License Renewals for the period July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023:

On Sale 3.2 Beer, On Sale Wine with Sunday for CBB II LLC d/b/a Cannon Valley Cinema 10   at 404 Schilling Drive North Unit 3;

Off Sale 3.2 Beer for Kwik Trip, Inc. d/b/a Kwik Trip #489 at 415 Hester Street E;

Brewer Off Sale Malt Liquor, On Sale Brewery Taproom and Brewery Special Sunday for The Meetinghouse, LLD d/b/a Chapel Brewing at15 Hester Street East;

Off Sale Liquor for AJE Enterprises, Inc d/b/a Firehouse Liquor at 607 Stafford Road Noth;

Off Sale Liquor for Four Browns, LLC d/b/a MGM Liquor Dundas at 420 Schilling Drive N;

On Sale/Off Sale Liquor and Special Sunday for Lyle & Pauline’s Inc. d/b/a L&M Bar and Grill at 224 Railway Street N;

On Sale/Off Sale Liquor and Special Sunday for Dawn’s Corner Bar LLC. d/b/a Dawn’sCorner Bar at 200 Railway Street N;

On Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor for Dundas Baseball Association d/b/a Dundas Dukes at 214 First Street South;

On Sale Liquor and Special Sunday for Ruth’s on Stafford, Inc. d/b/a Ruth’s on Stafford at 410 Stafford Lane South; and

Disbursement Report - $132,322.00.  MCU

OLD BUSINESS – No old business brought before Council.

ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS – No Ordinances or Resolutions brought before Council.


Consider Approving Off Sale Liquor License and Addition of Outside Area for Ruth’s on Stafford

Administrator Teppen presented requested from Ruth’s on Stafford to add Off Sale Liquor to the current On-Sale Liquor and Special Sunday licenses.  She stated owner request an outside area. as indicated on the map, be allowed for alcoholic beverages consumption but no service. Teppen stated the area is not currently fences but is planned for the future. She stated the Alcohol, Gambling and Enforcement Division require City approval for outside alcohol allowance as well as adding Off Sale Liquor to current license.

Motion by Fowler, second by Swartwood, to approve Off Sale Liquor License for Ruth’s on Stafford,

d/b/a Ruth’s on Stafford at 410 Stafford Lane South along with an additional outside area for consuming alcoholic beverages.  MCU

Consider Authorizing Proposed Expenditure for Fencing/Gates Along 115th Street/Highland Pkwy

Administrator Teppen reviewed the proposed expense for fencing/gate for 115th Street/Highland Parkway. The current barrier at Highland Parkway does not allow for emergency access and vehicles are driving up and over the curb, across a section of trail into or out of the Bridgewater Heights development. Residents whose backyards are adjacent to 115th Street are driving off the roadway into their backyards. Staff is seeking authorization to spend up to $30,000 to place a locked gate across Highland Parkway at 115th Street and 600’ of fencing to be placed an equal distance on either side of the gate in order to restrict direct access to backyards off 115th Street. She stated quote is from Caron Fence but would secure another quote.

Motion by Fowler, second by Swartwood, to table further action to next Council meeting.  MCU


City Engineer – Dustin Tipp

Tipp reviewed his report with updates.

City Administrator – Jenelle Teppen

Teppen indicated that Police Officer Sarah Hubacher has submitted her resignation.


Motion by Fowler, second by Swartwood, to adjourn the meeting at 7:52 p.m.  MCU

Submitted by:

Jenelle Teppen, Administrator/Clerk


Glenn Switzer, Mayor


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